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Many years ago, our company founders worked for large consulting firms, and year after year they noticed a growing trend; businesses with no government experience have a hard time breaking into the government marketplace.  It seemed as though it was only the larger companies that were winning contracts and making money, and it was the same businesses winning those contracts over and over again.  We knew that if smaller businesses had the experience and the knowledge, they too could succeed in the government marketplace.  Unfortunately, that isn't a reality for most businesses.  Government contracting is time consuming, very difficult to navigate, and can be costly.  We knew that there was a much needed gap that we could fill; with our experience and knowledge we could provide an affordable and reliable resource for businesses that lack the time, energy and resources to navigate the tricky government contracting industry. 


We have spent years working on government contracts, connecting small businesses together for sub-contracting and teaming opportunities, assisting in the preparation of FSS and GSA contracts, and working with small businesses to get their foot in the door of the 'government contracting arena.  We work hard for clients so that they can afford to focus on their daily business duties, as we assist them in expanding their 


Our firm is comprised of highly skilled individuals that have had years of experience working on government contracts.  Our experience and expertise extends from standard solicitation documentation to pricing and technical proposals.  Our staff of consultants works hand in hand with clients on the most difficult aspects of government contracting.  We offer advice and consultation, as well as assistance in preparing offers.  


Our goal is to assist businesses, big and small, to break into the government market place and maximize their revenue through a multitude of government contracts and registrations.  We aspire to provide stellar customer service, educated consultations, and build strong, long lasting relationships with our clients.  Our success hinges on the success of our clients.



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