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Open Bid Market 

Bid Proposal Services

Just as the FSS/GSA schedule contracts can be a great source of revenue for small businesses, competing on the open market can be very lucrative as well. Although the process is not as intense as a GSA contract, it can still be an arduous process, especially if one is not familiar with the requirements and how to read solicitations.  Our bid proposal packages provide you with an opportunity to compete in the Government procurement forum without expending your own resources. You will have to supply information requested in the bid documents; however, the Proposal Developers will synthesize the information, edit where necessary, format appropriate sections and headings, and produce a response that addresses all bid requirements. You can continue to conduct your day-to-day business, without having to set aside days and weeks to read a solicitation and prepare a response. In short, our bid proposal packages save time, money and investment in training resources.

Proposal Services will perform the following for the bid proposal package:

  • Initial High-Level Review to determine if the proposal is a good fit for the client

  • Detailed Review to ensure you can meet all requirements of the bid to be compliant

  • Project Overview to detail what information you need to provide to ensure a complete and compliant proposal can be submitted

  • Project Timeline to provide a structured schedule of when content is needed from you and when you can expect deliverables from the proposal developers

  • Information Gathering to ensure that correct and complete information is provided by you prior to submission of proposal. as information is sent to the proposal developers, the information will be reviewed, compared to specifications detailed in the proposal and feedback will be given to you if any additional or different information is needed to best meet the bid requirements

  • Develop Proposal that meets all requirements

  • Final Review to include a quality assurance check against all specifications outlined in the posted bid solicitation along with proofreading services for all copy submitted

  • Submission includes proposal developers acquiring and preparing

Contact us for more pricing details.   

Monthly Subscription Services

Government contracting can be time consuming and difficult to learn if you don’t have the proper resources.  With our monthly subscription services we provide businesses with a dedicated Government Readiness Advisor that will prepare you for the government marketplace.   We will guide you and advise you on how the government buys, how you can grow your business through government contracting, and what you need to do to ensure success in the competitive government marketplace.


Our monthly subscription  services give you the benefit of having an government contracting expert at your finger tips, without spending the money to staff a full-time employee. We work around your schedule to work with you when it is convenient to you. 

What you can expect with our monthly subscription services?  

  • Assist in determining what opportunities are a good fit for your business

  • Alert you to open solicitations relevant to your product/service offerings

  • Educate you on your competitors, past contracts, and award history

  • Conduct preliminary bid reviews 

  • Educate you on local, county, state, and federal contracting

  • Provide you with access to  a list of government procurement officers, accompanied by their contact information

  • Facilitate sub-contracting opportunities  

  • Ensuring NAICS and other government industry codes are accurate

  • Advise on marketing strategy and government marketing rules

  • Alert you to government tradeshows and seminars for networking and marketing opportunities


In today's fast pace business world, businesses cannot afford to waste time and resources.   Our assistance can save time and money.  Our experience and knowledge is unparalleled to our competitors.  If you are interested in expanding your reach in the government marketplace, contact us today to get started with a monthly subscription.

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