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Press Releases

When it comes to government and commercial marketing efforts, it is vital for businesses to make sure they are seen and heard.  A Press Release is a great way to increase visibility, promote your business, and to disseminate important company information.  Not only does it widen your audience, but it also allows you to leverage multiple platforms to spread exciting news and information about your business.

Businesses can use press releases to reach journalists, attract new customers and gain visibility online via top search engines, thousands of websites, social media, blogger networks, as well as print, broadcast, radio, mobile channels, and more.  Press releases are often used to enhance a business’s profile and gain traction in search engines. 

We work hand in hand with our clients to prepare an enticing, attention-grabbing Press Release that highlights your business and the special events or news that you want to share.  We work on your behalf to nationally distribute your press release using PR-Newswire (the AP Satellite Wire Service), an online syndication network of more than 5,700 websites, a network of 30,000 opt-in journalists and over 250,000 new subscribers.  Releases can be targeted for specific industries.  Once a Press Release has been prepared and published, we provide a detailed analytics report outlining how many and which outlets picked up the published release.   Your business can have full visibility to see the reach of your Press Release.   

Call us today to find out more information.  We can create and distribute a show-stopping press release that will get your business the positive attention and traction that you need.

Capabilities Statement

Government contracting is competitive. Companies must market to key government purchasers to succeed in the marketplace. A Capabilities Statement is used to market your business to the federal government and beyond. It is a snapshot of your company with specific content that government entities want to know, which serves as a resume for your business. Capabilities statements are important and at times even required documents used to compare you with other vendors. Many government agencies require Capabilities Statement to be submitted with bids.

Similarly, prime contractors can require potential subcontractors to submit Capabilities Statements before doing business with them. The Capabilities Statement provides companies with a unique opportunity to explain their core competencies and highlight the value
proposition offered.  
Core competence is a bundle of skills and technologies that enable your company to provide a particular benefit to your customers; create a barrier of entry for competitors; be leveraged to enter new markets; and to build and strengthen core competencies.  

The Capabilities Statement includes information that sets you apart from your competitors, describes your products and services, qualifications, credentials, and unique corporate data.

A Capabilities Statement is a critical tool in government contracting, no matter what size company you represent. We will develop your Capabilities Statement that will leverage your company over your competitors, providing you with tools and strategies to help you in the highly competitive Government marketing arena.

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