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Post Award Services

Our Post Award Services are solely designed to help FSS/GSA Contract Holders. We provide a multitude of services including ongoing consulting, reporting, assistance with modifications, and ongoing marketing.   For businesses that do not have the time or resources to manage their entire contract our services will help to relieve the work load. 

GSA Advantage Uploads

GSAAdvantage!® is the shopping mall for the Government. GSAAdvantage!® is where the Federal Government goes to browse GSA contract holder’s on-line catalogs, contact information, and the terms and conditions of a schedule contract.  GSAAdvantage!® gives Federal purchasers the ability to shop around, make comparisons, and order products and services in just minutes.


Once a contract is awarded, the contract holder is responsible to upload their products and/or services to the GSAAdvantage!® website within 6 months of award. Many GSA contract holders do not realize this is a requirement and fail to complete this step. If a contract holders’ products/services are not uploaded, federal buyers will not know that they are offering, and this could result in lost sales opportunities, and possibly result in fines, or eventually, a loss of the contract for noncompliance.


Our professional consultants assist GSA contract holders in gathering all the necessary documents for the upload, and ensuring documents and information are accurate.  We prepare all the necessary items and complete the upload on behalf of our clients.  With out experience we make the uploading process expeditious and efficient to guarantee compliance and approval.

GSA eBuy Monitoring

Once a FSS/GSA Contract is uploaded to GSA Advantage!®, the contract administrator will simultaneously be registered on eBuy, GSA’s online system for Request for Quotes (RFQ). The eBuy system allows the contract administrator to select criteria for receipt of RFQ notices.  GSA eBuy is designed to facilitate the request for and submission of quotes or proposals for commercial products, services, and solutions offered through GSA Federal Supply Schedules and Government-wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs).


Using the eBuy system, Federal buyers (purchasers) may prepare and post RFQs/RFPs for specific products and services for a specified period of time. Once posted, contractors (sellers) may review the request and post a response. This program is exclusive to GSA schedule contract holders and offers an effective marketing opportunity for doing business with the government.


Our GSA eBuy monitoring service ensures clients don’t miss valuable opportunities to respond to RFQs/RFPs that relate to specific capabilities. By allowing us to monitoring the eBuy system, we narrow the search parameters and present only relevant opportunities to clients for consideration. We are able to weed out requests that a business does not qualify for, and put clients in touch with the point of contact for the ones that do. One of our dedicated account managers will work to review various opportunities as they become available on the eBuy portal.

GSA IFF Quarterly Reporting

The Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) is a fee paid by customers to cover GSA's cost of operating the Federal Supply Schedules program. The fee is a percentage of reported sales under Schedules contracts.  FSS/GSA contract holders are required to report contract sales to the General Services Administration on a quarterly basis throughout the duration of the FSS/GSA contract. This is a critical element to ensuring the success of a FSS/GSA contract.  Sales must be reported by SIN and received by GSA within 30 days of each quarter end, even if no sales were made through the contract.

This can be a simple step in the process of contracting with GSA, however, many companies fail to complete the reporting, causing a potential loss of their contract if reporting is not done on time and accurately.  We provide reporting for our clients and remit the report directly to GSA.  We will also ensure that you are aware of the IFF payment that your company owes and direct you how to pay it within the required time frames. 

Allow us to assist you.  Let us take away from of the tedious bureaucracy of managing your GSA contract, and give your business the chance to focus on thriving under your awarded contract. 

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