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Registration Services

State Registrations

State governments, just like the Federal government, require a variety of goods and services in order to operate and fulfill the needs of their respective populaces.  Each state has their own separate budgets and procurement needs.  As you can imagine, there are a lot of opportunities within each individual state for a business to sell their goods and services as needed.  Entities such as Police departments, post offices, and court buildings are just a few of the many examples of government agencies in each state and county.  Most states require potential vendors to register within their state in order to view work opportunities and participate in government projects. Registering under different state procurement agencies will provide easier access for state buyers to find potential vendors, and allows vendors to easily view open solicitations.  Registering with various states offers businesses the chance to broaden their opportunities through state-wide government contracting.  The more opportunities that a business has access to, the more chances they have to increase their revenue and build their business.       

With our expert advice and document preparation services we can expeditiously complete any and all state registrations for our clients. In addition to completing the registrations on our clients' behalf, we also work with clients on managing opportunities and looking for solicitations to pursue. We educate our clients and ensure that they understand the marketplace, and know how to maximize the state registrations to their benefit.  

Our State Registration Services include:​

  • Register with System for Award Management (SAM), or audit and correct existing accounts for accuracy

  • Ensure the correct industry classification code for each registration, relative to respective products and services

  • Registration applications for each state chosen, as long as client is qualified

  • Ability to review opportunities from individual states and the US Government

  • Comprehensive report on all completed registrations with login and passwords

  • Tutorial on how to access state procurement websites and navigate 

  • Consultation on how to maximize the registrations to best benefit your business

SAM Registration and DUNS Assistance

In order to accept any Federal work opportunity, both on the open bid market and through GSA, a business must first obtain a SAM registration.  SAM (System for Award Management) is the system through which the Federal government validates a business' credentials and their legitimacy, and allows businesses to be paid on any federal contracts.  A SAM registration cannot be obtained without a DUNS (Data Universal Number System) Number, which is acquired through Dun & Bradstreet.  A SAM registration is created through the website, and it is completely free to obtain.  Although a client is able to complete a SAM registration on their own, we offer assistance to simplify the process, thus saving our clients time and energy. We also help clients that already have a SAM registration to update their information, ensure accuracy, and renew their registration.  Whether a client has no SAM registration or an existing SAM, our SAM assistance is free with many of our services, including but not limited to: state Registration services, our FSS/GSA proposal services, certifications and bid proposal services.  

DIBBS Registrations

Our DIBBS Registration Services provide our clients with the opportunity to be officially registered with The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Internet Bid Board System.  A DIBBS registration will give potential vendors automated access to 85% of DLA’s solicitations.  This is a procurement site for America’s combat logistics, including nearly 100 percent of consumable items including food, fuel and energy, uniforms, medical supplies, construction and barrier equipment; and more than 85 percent of the military’s spare parts.  Having a DIBBS registration will allow potential vendors to access more business opportunities, making it easier to submit quotes, view and download drawings, and compete for long term contract opportunities.  A DIBBS registration is an amazing route to take on your path to successful  government contracting.  

Our services includes completing the DIBBS registration on our client's behalf, ensuring that information is accurate and to the DLA's standards, and advising clients on how to maximize the opportunities relevant to their company. 

Department of Veteran Affairs Registration

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) handles all Veteran-related purchases and healthcare services.  As the largest procurer of healthcare products and services, the VA posts open solicitations almost daily.  Businesses that want first access to open solicitations for their products and services can become a registered vendor with the VA.  These registered vendors will automatically be sent opportunities that are relevant to their specific products or services.  Our VA registration services includes completing a Department of Veteran's Affairs registration on our client's behalf, ensuring that information is accurate and to the VA's standards, and advising clients on how to maximize the opportunities relevant to their company. 

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