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FSS/GSA Contract Services

FSS/GSA Contract Preparation Services

A Federal Supply Schedule Contract, (also known as a GSA or MAS contract) is a no-bid contract that is awarded through the General Services Administration.  An FSS/GSA contract is the premier contract vehicle across the Federal government. This is the most sought-after and prestigious contract that a commercial business can have with the federal government. The FSS/GSA program allows the government to 1) procure commercial items from the marketplace through an expedited and simplified process, 2) offers these goods/services at a significant cost savings, and 3) gives commercial businesses direct and first access to selling their goods or services to the federal government.  Essentially, this contract offers businesses the chance to be first in line to sell to the Federal government; an opportunity to avoid the competitive open bid market, and in return they are expected to offer the Federal government a discounted rate for their products and services, thus saving the government money.  

Last year over $31 billion was spent through FSS/GSA awarded contracts.  These no-bid contracts can be a great outlet for additional revenue streams for small businesses.  Although not all businesses are eligible for these contracts, there is a wide variety of products and services that are offered, which allows a spectrum of business industries the opportunity to obtain these sought-after contracts.  

As with most things that are worth having, FSS/GSA contracts are not always easy to obtain.  Preparing an FSS/GSA contract applicaiton can be very difficult, time-consuming, and overwhelming.  Government terminology and requirements can be vague and sometimes confusing.  For businesses that do not have the experience, manpower, or patience to prepare a FSS/GSA contract our firm provides document preparation services along with expert consulting to assist businesses in preparing a complete and compulsory offer. We work diligently on our clients behalf to ensure that they are applying for the correct contracts, we assist in obtaining the required registrations and completing all the necessary documents and forms, all while giving our clients unparalleled advice and consultation that will give them the best chance at being awarded a contract.  With our years of experience and proven success, our clients have seamlessly been guided to an awarded FSS/GSA contract. 


Contact us today to get a quote for our FSS/GSA contract preparation service.  Our consultants are standing by to assist you. 

Onsite FSS/GSA Contract Preparation Services

The FSS/GSA contract preparation process consists of multiple sections, which we have broken down into stages within our processing department to ensure accurate, complete and compliant submissions to GSA. Each section requires information and supporting documentation, which clients are required to submit to our processing department for application preparation.

Onsite FSS/GSA processing appointments are conveniently available at the client’s business location for those who request face-to-face assistance with the acquisition and completion of the application documents. Our onsite FSS/GSA contract preparation appointments are a great way to ensure that the preparation of the documentation for the FSS/GSA application is completed quickly and thoroughly, while on location with available client resources.

There are two onsite GSA processing options available to clients. Each saves significant and valuable time in the FSS/GSA contract preparation process.

Full Onsite FSS/GSA Contract Preparation

A representative of our company will work with the client to fulfill all GSA application requirements for submission, including pricing and technical proposals that are required. The process takes 3-5 business days.  After completion of the onsite GSA processing, there will be a final review process at our corporate office before we submit to GSA.


One-Day Onsite FSS/GSA Contract Preparation

A one-day onsite visit allows our representative to collect the documentation for the application that the client has readily available at the time of the processor's arrival and during their stay. Please remember that the GSA application documents will not be complete after this onsite appointment. This appointment is only to assist with the acquisition of information for the requirements of the GSA application. When we receive the collected paperwork at our corporate processing headquarters, the Pricing Department and the Technical Writing Team may have additional required documents to complete the application, and may request more information from the client.

Contact us today to get a quote for our FSS/GSA Contract Preparation services.  We have onsite specialists standing by to assist you.  

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